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UPD Arrests Second Robbery Suspect

Sophomore Eric Schneekluth of San Diego held on $100,000 bail


By Paul Mann


Humboldt State University Police have arrested a second student in connection with an alleged strong-arm robbery Dec. 2 in Sunset Residence Hall.

Eric Schneekluth, a sophomore from San Diego, was taken into custody on campus without incident Dec. 13, booked by university police and remanded to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility. He is being held on $100,000 bail.

Police arrested Schneekluth for alleged first degree robbery, false imprisonment with violence, criminal threats, burglary and battery on a person.

The investigation continues and police expect more arrests.

University police made the first arrest Dec. 9, taking into custody Benjamin Beilin, a freshman from Valencia, CA.

Both men are charged with multiple felonies for allegedly breaking into the victim’s room, binding his arms and legs and stealing property. The victim reportedly observed no weapons being brandished and declined medical attention.

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  1. [...] up with the other two suspects shortly after the Dec. 2 incident, which took place in Sunset Hall. Eric Schneekluth, an HSU sophomore from San Diego, was taken into custody on Dec. 13 and is still sitting in the [...]

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