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Coast Central Credit Union Robbed

Bayshore Mall branch’s cash grabbed by allegedly armed man


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The Criminal Investigative Services unit of the Eureka Police Department is on the lookout for a suspect who robbed a local credit union at the Bayshore Mall today.

At about 3:33 p.m. today, a suspect approached a teller at the Coast Central Credit Union branch with a note stating that he was armed — although the exact words used are being withheld from the public for investigative purposes, according to a press statement by detective Ron Harpham.

Despite the fact that no weapon was seen, the teller complied with the note’s instructions and the suspect fled with an unknown amount of cash north in the Bayshore Mall interior towards Sears, then east through the exit hallway between Sears and the bank.

Witnesses describe the suspect as a 30-year-old white male, 150 pounds and about 5’5″ in height. He was also described as clean shaven with medium-length brown hair and black rimmed, square glasses. He was wearing a black ball cap, black leather dress jacket, a bluish button up shirt with a black tie, dark slacks and dark running shoes.

Members of the public who know the suspect or witnessed him, either at the mall or around town, are asked to contact Harpham at (707) 441-4305.

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  1. Mitch says:

    How tall is Dean Christensen? I’ve heard he’s stolen from the depositors before.


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