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Mister Rogers Goes Techno

Did You Ever Grow Anything in the Garden of Your Mind?


Skippy Massey
Humboldt Sentinel


Gee, Wally.  Wait til the Beav finds out.

You remember him.  Mister (Fred) Rogers was a goody two-shoes puppeteer and ordained minister who became the iconic host of the TV program Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood in 1968.

With a degree in music composition, he wrote 200 songs for the 895 popular children shows, including the theme, It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.  He was honored with numerous awards and accolades for his dedication to children via television before hanging up his sweater and passing of cancer in 2003.

Now he’s been given a freshly knitted spin.  Sort of.  The smarmy sweaters are still the same.

The Public Broadcasting System (PBS) network asked MelodySheep “to revisit the extensive video libraries of PBS” and make a few musical tributes to their more well known figures– and this is what they came up with.  Mister Rogers goes remix racy with a mildly modern-techno beat.  Welcome to the new hood.

Mister Rogers would have been amused.  After all, he reportedly enjoyed Eddie Murphy’s Saturday Night Live take ridiculously spoofing him in “Mister Robinson’s Neighborhood.”  He also remarked he was glad the children had already been put to bed.

Not to be outdone by Mister Rogers, Melodysheep also did daring PBS remix renditions of fluffy French chef
Julia (“Bring on the Roast and Potatoes!”) Child  

…and quick-soothing Xanax pillow-talk artist Bob (“I Believe”) Ross.

You go, PBS.  Maybe it’s time for Big Bird to have an extreme makeover and digital nip ‘n tuck before Julia’s cleaver gets to him first.


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    Really cool!


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