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The Danger of “Dabbing”


Is It Possible to Overdose on Marijuana?


Skippy Massey
Humboldt Sentinel


Dabbing marijuana seems to be the new way of getting high.

What is dabbing?  “Dabbing” is an endearing term for consuming potently extracted cannabis concentrate—hash oil or butane honey oil—that is normally ”dabbed” onto a super-heated surface.  The vapor that is created by dabbing is inhaled by the smoker.

honey oilSome say dabs are awesome; a great way to instantly take one hit and be done for.  Two hits and you’re out for the count.  Wasted, baked and fried in a moment’s notice.

But are their dangers to being immensely high?  There is when you pass out.

This week Chris Roberts reported in the SF Weekly,

hash oil dabMarijuana is perfectly safe” is one of the marijuana legalization movement’s most widely accepted (and most important) truisms. 

Comical estimations of what would constitute a “lethal dose,” such as orally consuming more marijuana than the stomach can physically hold, leads to the truism that it’s impossible to overdose on marijuana.

That may not be true. 

With high-dosage edibles, it’s easy to become “uncomfortably high,” and with a recent trend called “dabbing,” it’s also easy to become so high that the user passes out.

And passing out leads to the only recorded method of marijuana-related death

“Dabbing” is a simple concept: a small amount of super-high concentrate — hash oil, wax, or another compound where so much of the marijuana plant’s plant material is removed that what’s left is between 50-to-80% active ingredients, a sort of grain alcohol to a bud’s wine — is put on a heated surface. A puff of smoke is emitted, and then the user inhales the entire puff of super-concentrated smoke.

The effects are immediate — and they’re intense. Folks who have used cannabis daily for 30 years report, “I am high again!”

Other people not so used to the magic plant usually need to sit down for a minute or two before they can talk again.  In other words, “dabbing” is a way to ingest a lot of medicine very quickly — and a way to get really fucked up.


California NORML’s Dale Gieringer also weighed in on the subject of dabbing.  In a recent letter to a marijuana medical journal he wrote:

Tdab pipehe number one hazard of dabbing in my experience… is the danger of passing out from an overdose.

In the past couple of years, there have been repeated occasions in which 911 teams have had to be called in due to cannabis overdoses.

At the NORML conference in LA, there were at least three different emergency calls due to use of high-potency cannabis extracts.  I hear that 911 was also called a few times at the High Times cannabis cup two years ago.

At the NORML party in LA, one person fainted and cracked his nose on the sidewalk.  I know someone else, a beautiful lady my age who has been smoking pot since the ’70s, who fainted and broke her teeth on the floor after dabbing.   Things like this never happened until the popularization of hash oil in recent years.

The dangers are dire enough to merit a special warning.  The best-authenticated case of a cannabis death in the literature  —reported by Gabriel Nahas or Reese Jones as I recall—  was of someone who collapsed and cracked their skull in the bathroom from a hashish overdose.

stupid pipeSo dab away – and realize a little dab will do ‘ya.  But when you toke yourself stupid through dabbing, you may be literally doing so.

And don’t blow yourself up.  See our other article and video:  “The Explosion of Butane Hash Oil.”





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128 Responses to “The Danger of “Dabbing””

  1. humboldtanon says:

    people far enough into the marijuana scene to be smoking dabs are probably not the people who would “pass out” smoking a hit of it.

    • Troy says:

      youve never dabbed.

      • Trevor says:

        Fuck haha seriously! I personally have never passed out but I’ve never done more than two dabs and I fell asleep an hour or two after

      • Durp says:

        It took me about 2 hours and over 15 dabs to get myself to the point where i became physically ill. Gotta test those limits

    • spores says:

      hahaha~ I’ve dabbed myself silly, but pass-out? really? who’s doing that?

      • sloop says:

        I did once and I’ve seen it happen to others half a dozen times now. At a 420 event I saw a girl carried away to an ambulance after collapsing.

      • hereiam says:

        THC speeds up the heart. My brother in- law took a dab and had a mild heart attack. This overdosing on bho is real and will cause long term lung and heart problems. Bho puts a horrible reputation on the “healing plant” just think about it next time you dab, one dab can put your family by your side in a hospital.

        • paul says:

          come on!!

        • The Truth says:

          From my experience, every single time somebody has had a “mild heart attack” on weed, they’ve been first time tokers who didn’t understand it increases your heart rate and your paranoia- ESPECIALLY if it’s your first time toking. Now maybe your brother-in-law thought he was having a heart attack, but I’m going to say realistically he was probably just freaking out.

          I’m also going to throw in that my first few times smoking cannabis I was incredibly freaked out by my heartbeat. It was loud as hell, and thumping like I’d ran a marathon. Yet, I survived and despite all my worst fears, nothing terrible has come of it. The first time you smoke weed, you really don’t know what to expect and its the most psychedelic experience you could hope for. I could see the paranoia and heartbeat that come with the extreme first experience leading a person (usually in the presence of fellow non-tokers) to believe they were having a heart attack.

        • Erin Reid says:

          Freaking out speeds up ones heart rate. Thc actually slows heart rate as long as the user is calm. My theory being people “passing out” is cause thc slows the heart rate as I said. Normally people dab sitting down. Now work with me here cause I just dabbed myself but when said person stands up after smoking concentrated thc, the heart would have a hard time pumping blood up to your head. Thus looking sight etc etc. Blackout. Ive done it myself.

      • Balloon says:

        My boy friend dabbed today and passed out in the car and knocked out. … he couldnt even talk and the police and medics came

        • Balloon says:

          Its been 6hours and he still cant talk , walk , have control of hid eyes . He is still knocked out.

          • douDAB? says:

            I don’t believe that ever happened. If anyone gets hospitalized from dabs, thats the butane because your oil sucks.

    • Ahliss says:

      where i live (upstate ny) the only ones “dabbing” are people who have been smoking for years, or have built a substantial tolerance to the effects thc. newbies to the whole smoking thing have very low tolerances and should be baby sat accordingly. i take what would be considered monster dabs, but i am 30yrs old and have been enjoyiung cannibus for the better part of half of my years….i’ve knocked a few out with a dab my size… careful and know your limitations….also keep hydrated (dont drown yourself!), dabs dehydrate your body wicked fast.

      • carisa says:

        ^^^Agreed! I can tell your from upstate using that word “wicked”! I’m down south now but i do miss that northern slang and peoples common sense. Most everyone is smoking dabs now! Im still sticking to the old school marijuana strains straight from the plant. Well have a great! Enjoy them dabs!

    • hayley says:

      I smoke everyday and have for the past 4 years. I did dabs for the first time last night and passed out in the middle of the kitchen.

    • cristian says:

      hahahahah thank you!^

      • stu says:

        are people so ignorant and greedy that we 4got how to regulate our own tolerance. if u pass out from too much hash you are a greedy retard. people shouldnt do things they cant handle! how bout some accountability here?

        • NormalSmoker says:

          You just gotta know to hit the hash oil more lightly than regular weed and you’re good.
          If people aren’t responsible and warn people first, lots of head injuries will follow.

          • Debra says:

            Well said. I tried smoking my dabs and it was just too harsh on my lungs. Now I squeeze a drop the size of half of a grain of rice on a pat of butter and melt it in a small fry pan. The I place a slice of bread or muffin on the melted butter and grill it for about 30 seconds, then eat it. Awesome! A friend puts in in whatever she’s cooking (heat activates the oil) and no more lung issues. And bonus, make some ahead of time and travel with it. Again, no issues. I overdid it the first time I used it. Didn’t pass out but got some annoying muscle tightening. Now I know how much I can tolerate.

    • stu says:

      are people getting less intelligent nowadays? if we are gonna use drugs we have to do so responsibly. if you arent educated enough, or lack the self control to use safely than you use what we like to call a guide, not teacher. remember real lsd guys? your first trip? my hand was held, i was led down certain paths, not taught but guided to learn. u really do have to be stupid, or really greedy, to od on most anything. but im old school. now its all about gettin more than the next guy, out doing her, and trying to make money while doing it. all for one and none for any other! i say pass out and stay that way. dab-douches!

      • riley says:

        kids and parents nowadays view anything illegal to be bad because thats what they were told. people arent getting less intelligent, our society is getting less intelligent. as someone who reads deeply into every issue, the amount of ignorance and false facts people spew out is increasing at blinding speed. and non of my smoking buddies have ever come close to passing out even from massive dabs. and if your really scared about dabbing, learn to purge yourself without butane. significantly smoother on the lungs

      • NormalSmoker says:

        Yo, weed should be legal in all it’s forms but dabbing hash oil will get people killed from head injuries. I vape regular weed and love it but I took too monster dabs from a vape pen and in 5 to 10 mins passed out. Luckily my friends caught me.

        I’m just saying the media will try to say that marijuana is deadly because newbies will try it and get knocked out and hit their heads and die. It will be bad for all smokers.

        I recommend telling your homies, this is not regular shit if this is your first time sit down.

        For me 2 big hits with my vape of weed and I’m straight, but 2 big hits of hash oil and I’m knocked the fuckout. Personally I will stick with the plant. But just don’t want hash oil to get a bad rap. Fucking media loves to shit talk pot smokers.

        • onemorethis says:

          Nailed it. Dabs should be spread out between the bud smoking. Not the teenage attitude of ‘dabs all day everyday’. Plus I like my pretty nuggs better than some goop.

        • inkbabe420 says:

          I believed so to for a while. However if people how arnt aware of how strong, bunck or not filtered right and all these episodes will possibly make Mary look bad in this and other concentrated forms look bad…

        • AverageSmoker says:

          I know not all people are the same, but seriously, one pea sized dab will do you for a few hours. First time dabbing yesterday, I did 4 and I was fine. But on the flower side, I smoke an eighth a day.. My wax cost me about 70/g and so far I think this will last me much longer than flower would.
          Anyway, guys chill out with the dabs. Its not about who can get the highest

    • Rudy says:

      I dab daily this article is used to scare people it’s all media hyph.

      • Dab2mut says:

        Iv smoked bud for years and dabs for about a year but one day I took two hits from my
        Vape pen and suddenly blacked out , it has never happened sence but I have come close multiple times

      • Gina says:

        i dab everyday for two years now what it causes is decreased appetite sometimes raw throat and irrability if you dont take a dab i take two dabs every hour i spend 60 on a gram an it last me two days IM SPEAKING FROM FULL EXPERIENCE

        • Gina says:

          scratch that i basically dab all day that’s why my throat will hurt and if you smoke it everyday you won’t be able to eat unless your high and its a very expensive addiction if u smoke like me similar to the price of coke if your buying shatter and not that butane shit

        • jkizza says:

          Bro u need to come out to California. Top shelf platinum nug run wax and shatter is only 35$ a gram. And its so tasty and beautiful …….

      • Balloon says:

        Like I said to a comment above my boygriend dabbed over 6hours ago and has been knocked out since . We have to shake him for him to open his eye , he has no control over them also he can’t walk or talk .

    • james says:

      Fainting from dabbing is not overdosing that’s the stupidest shit I’ve ever heard. Go shoot up 2 grams of black that’s an overdose.

      • Balloon says:

        Like I said to a comment above my boygriend dabbed over 6hours ago and has been knocked out since . We have to shake him for him to open his eye , he has no control over them also he can’t walk or talk .

    • paul says:

      I have smoked since I was 13—-I am now 44…I have smoked dab.and it is impossible to pass out from it!!! and I had some real good zhit!! for those that passed out..were prob full of zhit!!I can fake passing out also…so lets stop giving weed , dab, hash..a bad name..thanks.. along time pot smoker!!

  2. bill says:

    Thanks for this story just as the t.h.c. count goes higher now this .Seems some are in a race to alter there state of reality.Does our drug culture play a positive role in our community i say no .Why do we have one of the highest suicide rates in the country why such a high rate of cancer and premature death.One would think with marijuana being such a cure all we would all just live forever here .And i,m not saying alcohol is good as a substitute thats for sure .

    • A E says:

      Nobody ever said marijuana cured anything at all. Want to know the cause of all the problems? Ignorant jokers like you.

    • Ahliss says:

      lemme guess, you have no problem with pharmacutical “cures” for the aforementioned ailments. cancer has been linked to the crap we put in foods to keep their shelf life, depression is in direct relation to how we a people deal with each other. and did you really spout some shite about premature death…..up until about 1920 we didnt live past fifty typicaly, now we have all kinds of wonder drug crap that prolongs our lives adding the amount of people consumming our resources on a daily basis. we dont need to live longer lives, we need to let nature due its job and just be happy to have lived rather than seek happieness through living longer….. you seem very under educated on what you are trying to speak on. just sayin’.

      • scottie112703 says:

        You’re a bit more uneducated then the fellow you are replying to. If you’re going to start saying things (in general) as fact, then support it with any sort of evidence. Every single subject you attempted to explain has no merit. If you’re going to undermine someone, do it correctly. I don’t doubt you are well-educated, but implying that someone else isn’t as educated (as was said in your half-ass reply) as yourself is a perfect example of an arrogant person attempting to have knowledge of the subjects he is arguing. Next time, do 10 minutes of research to support your arguments, so anal people (like myself) won’t get all pissed off at you. Good luck.

        • Charlie23 says:

          you realize that you just did exactly what you told this other dude not to do. So does that make you even less educated than the other two? According to your reasoning, it is so. You think anybody needs to read an article on how people are living longer today than in the early 1900′s to know its true? My 3rd grade brother is more educated than you. But i guess you never even made it that far, if you really need an article at this age to tell you that its true.

          • Spacey4012 says:

            Took the words right out of my mouth.
            A LOT of substances/products can ‘lead to injury’ if used incorrectly or overused. If I use too much bleach or ammonia without having the sense to know when to get some air, then faint and injure myself….is it the products fault or mine for not using it appropriately and within limits?
            For fuck’s sake, ya’ll……learn your tolerance and mind your own business. I adore seeing those who rallied to have marijuana legalized now trying to censor everyone else’s use.

        • vonda says:


    • RubberPoopMonster says:

      “Why do we have one of the highest suicide rates in the country” who is we? California? I ran like hell out of that state. Drugs had nothing to do with it. Im with AE. What the hell are you talking about?

  3. john hardin says:

    As a former chronic user, now occasional user, doses of tincture that used to barely faze me when I imbibed every day, lately induce strong hallucinations on the rare occasions I use.

    I’ve seen dabbing hardware for sale at local headshops and been amazed at the high price of that tiny metal dohickie for dabbing. I think you’d have to be pretty stupid already to buy one. It’s still just cannabis, and it’s not that hard to get high on it, in any form.

    Oh, and have a seat before you imbibe, just to be on the safe side.

    • mrsleep says:

      The high price is due to the fact that it’s made of titanium.

      • KoolestBlackGuy says:

        Some are made of pure glass and are cheaper, but they dont stay as hot as long as titanium.

        • Charlie23 says:

          Dabbing is far less easier to conceal than smoking. They have handheld devices the size of those electronic cigarettes that you can use nowadays. I take hits off of mine from time to time in a class at school and the smell is so faint and different from the actual herb that people just assume its flavored nicotine. That level of convenience is well worth the price tag, especially with all these inexperienced haters around today claiming that they know everything about marijuana.

  4. skippy says:

    Thanks, Humboldtanon, Bill, and John. Whatever anyone does, just be careful out there. Life has risks; some lives seem to have more than others. We don’t want anyone keeling over and splitting their bean against something even more hard-headed than themselves.

    Carl Jung felt every form of addiction was bad; whether the narcotic be alcohol, morphine, or idealism. Lenny Bruce said, “I’ll die young, but it’s like kissing God.”

    Nancy Reagan simple-mindedly said, “Just say no.” Timothy Leary told us to turn on, tune in, and drop out. And Herman Melville quipped, “Better sleep with a sober cannibal than a drunken Christian.”

    To each his own– one man’s poison is another man’s drug. Use them and your bean head, wisely. We suggest everyone be as sober as a judge.

  5. joe schmo says:

    This article definitely appears to be very one sided and mostly inaccurate. I’ve given dabs to many, many friends for their first time and explain to them what it’s like and what to expect. No ones ever had a problem. Just know your body and what youre getting into, same as alcohol or anything else. I used to vomit on occasion from tobacco when I’d accidentally inhale a cig wrong. So I decided to stop smoking them. Its called common sense people, like don’t try to save yourself an extra couple minutes by spraying inside. C’mon meow. And I’m sure the inability to talk for a couple minutes would just be from intense lung expansion from the terpenes causing a need to breathe shallowly for a minutes or two. I’ve never had a friend literally be so medicated they were unable to converse coherently. And that Leary quote is oneof the most misunderstood quotes out there, sadly. Knowledge truly is power, read up people, and know your limits!

  6. sunni says:

    i have been an avid pot smoker for the past 8 years, and just recently heard about dabbing… I am very interested in trying this “new technique”, but im am also a lil bit hesitant to pop that cherry… I have read both good and bad things pertaining to this form of smoking and i would like anyones feedback that have tried dabbing and your experience, so i might be a bit more comfortable in trying this new art of smoking. Thanks!!

    • Charles says:

      Hey man I smoke around 5 bowls a day to keep myself “high” or what I call normal and I just did my first dabs the other day. I did two monster dabs with some friends that have been doing it for years. We had some big bong like thing and they just called it a rig. I was super stoned but still functional. It was almost the equivalent of me being super high the first time and maybe a little more. I wasnt looking to go play Frisbee like I do when I normally smoke a bunch of bud just because the high was pretty intense. I liked the experience and knowledge I gained through the first hand experience. The blow torch thing kinda freaked me out at first but it wasnt too bad. The rips were super big which was hard to hold in for more than a few seconds and I could feel how hot the hit was but it isnt anything more than uncomfortable. I liked it and am planning ondoing it again. Im 19 and a sophomore in college so I figured I could try something new and get messed up real good. You do what it is you want to do and dont let others tell you what it is you need to do. I hope this helped

  7. A Toker says:

    My first dab was at least 1/3 of a gram. Put me on the floor for about five minutes. About as intense as a large gravity bong of killer weed. Neat considering that is by no means the largest hit possible. Dabbing rocks.

  8. tom says:

    Huge thumbs up for this post!

  9. the king says:

    This article and the ones connected to it are making assumptions that are ubsurd. If someone is passing out from smoking at all it is not from the concentration of THC it’s from the people holding in their hit until it dissipates. Doing that will get you “higher” but its actually cause no oxygen to get to the brain and that’s what’s making people go unconscious. COMMON SENSE! If you hold your breathe in water too long you’ll pass out, does that mean you’re overdosing on water? No that would be stupid to say.

  10. James says:

    I overdosed of a huge wax hit! Like a str8 gram to the dome out of a piece I never hit out of before! Didn’t pass out but my gaba receptors are fucked up can’t smoke now without panic attacks! Cant sleep right now with hella lasting anxiety! Its possible to fuck your system up! Been about three months like this! Fuckin tough!

    • RubberPoopMonster says:

      Moderation. Should have thought before you consumed 5x the average amount. THC has been known to cause anxiety attacks in high concentrations. Gabba receptors fucked? Are you a neuro-scientist? Highly doubt it. Take a break for a month and ease back into some good old green. You are a human after all, and we are all fundamentally and physiologically similar.

      • nuiiiice says:

        Dabbing shouldn’t be peoples only way of consuming thc. Just because there’s forums and posts like this bho will make it harder for the legalization of cannibis.its the way it seems to be going. I’m not against it but not for indulging in it. A dab a day, “A DAB”… Keeps the doctor away

  11. Stu says:

    Dabbing is not the only activity that can cause someone to pass out. Standing still in one place for a period of time can also cause a feinting episode… just look at all those wedding videos where the Bestman/Groom/Bride passes out.
    Also, skipping a meal, a sudden change in temperature, a panic attack or any other number of stimuli can cause a blackout.

    If this is the biggest “danger” one of the most concentrated forms of this drug – then it proves exactly how harmless it really is.

  12. Norcal Oilman says:

    I am a pretty well known oil maker in CA and have found this article to be accurate and justified in it’s posting. Sure, hardcore heads like me can sit and dab all day without any problems except maybe a dab nap around 5PM. But I have friends who smoke regularly, but one dab and they are zombied out, can’t talk, on the edge of puking or straight puked. It is true that concentrates and edibles can lead to being uncomfortable and even passing out. At the Intech event in SF 3 years ago, they had a hash bar and they were handing out .2 dabs to anyone who stepped up. I saw a few casualties that day and was almost one of them. In the hot sun I was given a .2 dab and came so close to passing out that I instinctively started jumping up and down which served to ease the headrush that was just about to put me down on the hot pavement in front of the whole community. Use of words like overdose can cause people to have negative emotions towards the writer, but it is possible to overdose. Not to death, unless you bump your head like stated in the article. But being uncomfortable and nauseous are common symptoms of a cannabis overdose. It is up to the community to be responsible in using these very potent concentrated forms of cannabis, or else we get the bad press of people falling out and hurting themselves.

    • 36er says:

      Ever heard of this? In the early eighties I was at a dorm party at HSU. A guy walked in and sat down on a chair. After sitting for a few minutes he keeled over on his face and rolled over on his back with his limbs half extended towards the ceiling and stiff as a board. Kinda like a dead stink bug on the hot pavement looks.

      We carried him to the car and rushed him to the hospital where one of our party informed the doctor that he had ingested several cannabis cookies. The doctor asked us if he had eaten a large meal before eating the cookies, to which the answer was yes. Doc informed us that “Yep, that can do it to ya”.

      Never seen it before or since.

  13. Dontyaknow says:

    People known to pass out during or after a “dab” is not caused by the ingestion of cannabinoids, it is in turn caused by the lack of ingestion of oxygen. For shame Mr.NORML – educate don’t spread false info

  14. Dabber101 says:

    Yeah Ive been smoking for 16yrs everyday, and i obviously wasnt really getting high anymore. Dabbing gets the experienced pot head high like high school high. But I have thrown up off too big a dab (0.3g). Ive never passed out but I am glad to read that, because I didn’t know. I will make sure to tell all the ppl I know that do this to watch out.

  15. Saint says:

    it’s nothing new really. remember when I was in New Zealand 22 years ago and nearly everyone there smoked hash oil, mainly because most people grew their own. I used to make my own as well years later living in SF.

    Never thought of it as being super potent other than the fact you could smoke less volume than actual weed and get just as baked. But by far the most potent substance is keef.

    At the end of the day, all of it’s still just weed and I’ve never, ever passed out from that.

  16. Honey Oil says:

    I dunno, I’ve been dabbing for many years now without any major consequences. As with all things in life, moderation is the answer. I try to stick to between 2-5 dabs a day (small to medium size globs) just to keep my tolerance low and my lungs in check.

  17. i have been hitting the green since 1965.never,not once have i ever passed out.during the 60′s and 70′s me buddies and me were smoking no count stuff like colombian red,brown and gold,honest to god panama red and a few unknown developing strains from local growers we affectionately called tulsa tops.i remember one head shop even had tulsa tops rolling papers.even in backassward oklahoma we knew what you grow is only as good as the seed you use.we had access to excellent seed and oklahoma homegrown was the first,hey where is the seeds pot i had ever smoked.and,needless to say,being the young,naive ,inexperienced,bible belt born and bread,god fearing little red neck that i had been groomed to dropped me to my think “dabbing” hash or honey oil gets you stoned,well it does,we did the same in the old days,but have you ever smoked temple ball or indian rope hash?have you ever smoked opium dipped thai stick fresh from nam.there has always been and there always will be smoke that is off the scales.just don’t be a dumass and abuse what was put here for us to use.

  18. KoolestBlackGuy says:

    I have done dabs and they just get you supper baked! its like a days worth of hits in one hit! never passed out just coughed alot..

  19. skippy says:

    So who would’ve thought this article would generate more comments than most of ‘em put together? I certainly wouldn’t have guessed. Everyone had an opinion and I appreciate them being layed down here for all. Thanks.

    Well, if that’s the case, maybe you would like to see this one:

    Take care, be safe… ~Skips

  20. sherburne says:

    glad I found this, thanks

  21. Blow says:

    Hello to everyone, I hope this web site’s posts are updated on a regular basis. It consists of pleasant material.

  22. Jose says:

    Great blog here! I also enjoyed the post!

  23. Robert D. says:

    Thank you for this informative post.

  24. schmedley says:

    We were “dabbing” in the early 70′s, what is old is new again.
    we called it getting stoned

  25. Rowan says:

    Dabbing. In the uk back in the 1980′s we used to do what we called hot knives. Heat up two knives on the gas stove till they’re red hot, drop a piece of hash onto one knife and then press the other one on top. Holding a cut bottle over the knives to inhale the resultant smoke/vapour, the hit from this was very intense as we used the same amount of hash as we would for one joint. It did make your knees go wobbly and you’d feel short of breath for a few moments. Never seen anyone collapse from this though. Seen plent of people take whities from smoking weed stronger than theyre used to, let them rest and keep an eye on them, in acouple of hours theyre up and smoking again. Seems like scare tactics to put people of inhaling cannabis vapour as opposed to smoke, which is much more harmful to the lungs.

  26. RubberPoopMonster says:

    The word “overdose” is being thrown around a lot… These people passing out are most likely not physically used to smoking so much. I dab regularly and the only adverse effects have been with the wax. It makes you cough your ass off. Sometimes making it feel like you cant breathe.. Makes sense, its wax… coating your lungs with wax seems like a horrible idea. Logical next step, avoid wax. I think as long as you dab in moderation and get the product from a reliable source, you will be just fine. Fainting is not an overdose.. Technically there can’t be an “overdose” because the definition of overdose is exceeding the suggested dosage, which has never been specified for ‘dabs’. Also, they come in varying concentrations and potencies. If you pass out and smack your head on the floor, you cant blame the Dabs, the person who was clumsy while stoned or didn’t know what they were doing, or had asthma and couldn’t breathe, etc. needs to take responsibility for their own idiocy. If you buy it at the dispensary, they most likely have gotten it from a reliable source and know the concentrate levels and method of extraction. If you get it from off the street, you may be smoking paint thinner for all you know. I personally wouldn’t trust home made BHO, people blow themselves up making it which shows there are many people making it who have no clue what they are doing. If I die because I am operating a device I don’t understand, is it the machine’s fault? No, I screwed up. Lets keep this thing in perspective people.

    • NormalSmoker says:

      True so people need to be warned so they don’t get knocked out and suffer head injury. Hash oil is a different league than regular pot.

  27. B. Merri says:

    I enjoyed this post and your website. Excellent musings and kudos for revealing your dark side, the other side of fun.

  28. Dominique Pinckney says:

    F*ckin’ tremendous things here. i am extremely happy to see your article. Thanks a lot and i am looking forward to more.

  29. anonymous says:

    Hi, yeah this article is nice and I have learned lot of things. Weed used to be good but oil and hot dabs are the complete bomb. theres nothing to compare. It is like apples and oranges reaching the feet of the buddha. Totally dank and awesome. I never passed out but came sky high too many times to count.

  30. outsmokeuall says:

    Any one who passes out on oil is a Bitch and shouldn’t be smoking in the first place oil is for the real mother F*uckers anyone eltse who can’t hang keep to your flowers!

    • yeahthatguy says:

      One hit where your lacking the lung power will knock you out. Its sad how this nice bud plant has come to things like “Any one who passes out on oil is a Bitch and shouldn’t be smoking in the first place” wow.. just wow haha you’ll have your day when you hit bomb and hit the floor.

  31. The_Protector says:

    All forms of weed is good for you MR.. God put this herb here for us all that want and love it’ Not only is it a very pretty plant’ but also it helps people out in so many ways you could not even imagine from the looks of things you seem like only a spoiled hater child. I have a golden heart and i tell you this what you say negative about Marijuana just makes you a epic failure and a jerk(= . By the way thanks for letting us all know there’s still meanies out there that have nothing better to do than trash talk about beautiful things.

  32. Solo says:

    This is what it is with ANYTHING. It depends on the person. Whoever has a low tolerance and it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been smoking, again people are different, those people need to n

  33. Solo says:

    Those people need to manage how much they intake if they’re passing out. I have smoked dabs at least 3 times in one sitting sometimes and have never passed out let alone got super drowsy afterward.

  34. mike says:

    Why do you potheads have to take it to a dangerous degree? You are not helping the push for legalization by deliberately concentrating it until it becomes dangerous. You are just being greedy little fuckers tarnishing what we are all fighting for.

  35. dakine says:

    Dabbing is the shit! Nuff said.

  36. Yogi1Bear says:

    Well I can remember back in my old days at a few concerts when there was people that pass out because of all the smoke and that was before dabbing but also there might have been other drugs involved back then im talking back in the Day on the greens it was one big pot fest back then everyone was smoking none stop at those and I did have a buddy pass out at a Heart and Sammy Hagar and that was from to much smoke he went to the bathroom and never came back he passed out in the stall lol oh well all in all it is the amount that you take that will make anyone pass out if you smoke enough.

  37. SimplyProven says:

    Dabbed to the point of VIVID HALLUCINATIONS. Can be done.

  38. Arnold` says:

    I dab A LOT! So I’ve been through and no the dangers of dabbing. Now a days I can go a whole day doing 10-20 dabs no problem of very potent oil/wax/shatter. But I have seen a kid take his first dab and completely pass out. he went limp and fell back in to my arms. we than proceeded to carry him inside while he was still knocked out… where he than had 3, 15 minute long seizures back to back! all in all we never called the ambulance and the kid ended up being fine!

  39. derp says:

    So the big threat is still: You may fall asleep. But you may fall asleep faster, due to the potency of the product.

    Okay, got it. Pot’s big danger is still falling asleep. Don’t OD on a mountain or in the road and you will be fine. Gives me a good reason to sit on my couch and play video games when I smoke.

  40. Grimm Dabs says:

    That is not overdosing. An overdose is something that kills you just from the pure effect of whatever drug you’re on. So getting Super high and falling over or fainting and hurting yourself or dying isn’t a overdose, that just means you can’t handle your shit and MAYBE you shouldn’t be dabbing in the first place if you’ve never done it before. If you’re new to it, I’d recommend you take a very small dab, until you build up a tolerance to it to the point you won’t fall over like a retarded after you take a hit. When I dab, I’m sitting down on the couch..NEVER standing just realize your surroundings when you’re dabbing..I’ve dabbed to the point I’ve fell asleep..but I never hurt myself because I was sitting and not a giant NOOB.

  41. teresa says:

    Sit down while dabbing…lmao!

  42. hooplah says:

    To be safe you have to wear a helmet while dabbing.

  43. brian says:

    Dabbing sucks I took two super big hits of oil and all I got was a intense body high nothing like I thought it would be

    • J says:

      Do you happen to know the strain it was made from? It sounds like you may have had indica sourced dab. If you are looking for an intense, psychedelic head buzz in comparison, which it seems you were expecting, dabs from a sativa strain or sativa dominant hybrid will take you there. I had Headband dabs recently and it was a nice combo of head and body. Preferably I like the trip strains too.

  44. keith says:

    I bet most of the people who where said to “pass out” cause of the slabs were most likely just dehydrated or barely ever smoke pot and got a panic attack, id say and most could agree with me that if you don’t smoke pot on a every day basis you shouldn’t be dabbing in the first place

  45. Capwhan says:

    I’ve been smoking pot nearly 50 years and have never dabbed. I sure would like to try it. Any ideas besides moving to Colorado or Cali?

  46. Nick says:

    I have passed out 2 times from smoking bud not dabs and it comes from holding a hit too long I have smoked a lot of bud and a lot of dabs and never died

  47. Jack says:

    So I can tell a lot of you must be younger because the way you talk and the comment you all post. So please try to be a adult and listen to my personal expirence with hash(bho) I bought a gram of shatter for 35$ at Colorado alternatives, it’s called Euphoria and the dude said it was “fire” I went home and opened my blacked out container to find a identical looking hash that had a weird smell but was like hash I’ve had before so I thought nothing of it, I took a smaller ‘dab’ and within a minute I was in severe pain and felt like I was having either a stroke or a heart attack and I called 911 and requested a ambulance with my short breath they barely got my address, so you decide for yourself is it worth any sort of adverse reaction just to get high on some weed? Hash has been around for thousands of years and I’ve still ever herd of a anyone getting hurt from solventlesss hash but ive herd and expirenced a adverse reaction to butane hash myself and Ill say ill Never dab again in my life. Please just take my advice it isn’t worth almost 10 grand to get high. Cause that’s what I owe after that incident

  48. Old Skool says:

    I’ve been to burning heavy for over 25 years and I’ve personally had a bad reaction to dabbing and have seen 2 other people that I’ve burned with hundreds of times have a bad reaction.

    I personally thought I was going to pass out, I had a kind of panic attack, puked then went straight home and passed out.

    My other 2 friends, 1 got all freaked out and called 911 and when the EMTs checked him they said “you’re just high” and my other friend puked 50 times and passed out immediately (I thought he was dying).

    Be careful and RESPECT the dabs!

  49. benbong says:

    Awesome article, great comments. Learned loads and free the weed!

  50. cheech says:

    People who pass out from dabbing are what us gamers call, noobs.

  51. You Crack Heads says:


  52. starr says:

    I dabbed last night. And I thought I was going to die. It literally made me get this warm rush all through my body and I felt nauseous .it almost felt like I was on opiates and I started tripping a bit like mdma or eve
    n shrooms .than I got really dehydrated and had to drink water every 5 minutes. Also my hand started shaking and my heart rate was off the roof.I honestly had to make myself breathe.if I forget to..I would so breathing so I was manually making my lungs work. Honestly not worth it. I must have weak tolerance I rather stick with weed.

  53. jio says:

    Kids; start with weed, and THEN work your way into dabbing. This stuff isn’t for noobs, and we don’t need you guys giving the feds a reason to criminalize it again. Be sensible about it.

  54. Wowowow says:

    Hahahah this is hilarious! Never have I ever heard of anyone passing out from a dab.. Sure someone who isn’t familiar with being high would be uncomfortable to go from a sober state of mind to such an intense and sudden high but nothing even close to dangerous. It’s funny how people who have no idea what they’re talking about like to preach about how they do..

  55. Tommy says:

    I can understand how someone could say that dabs are dangerous. I have been a regular marijuana smoker doe about two years and I’ve been doing dabs for about a year. I had my own dab rig with a titanium nail, mini screw driver, wax, and blowtorch. After not doing dabs for 2 months, I had maybe 4 hits and became stupidly high. I literally couldn’t get myself to talk no matter how hard I tried and this was scary. My heart rate increased so much so that I had a panic attack and thought I was possibly going to have a heart attack. I’m 21 years old. So yes, dabs can be scary. I prefer good old bud but if you must dab.p, I’d suggest sticking to a few dabs especially if you don’t do it often. If you’re a regular at hash oil concentrates, then you’re probably okay to do more. Just my two cents.

  56. vonda says:

    I’m high,lol!!!

  57. BongGuru says:

    I’ve been smoking cannabis for years I’m 30 now I have a very high tolerance I’m talking I can smoke top self 30% range and very catch a buzz I smoke 4 or 5 bowls a day . I’ve recently found dabs I’ve done about 3 grams total so far I get a very nice relaxing buzz. In my opinion if you don’t smoke cannabis a lot be careful with dabs if you got a high tolerance dab a way but still be careful. And to the lady saying her boyfriend can’t talk I seriously don’t think it was the dab unless he’s one of the few people in the world with an allergic reaction to the it’s rare but possible hope he gets better peace and relax people we suppose to get along not cuss each other over stupid shit.

  58. Grandpa says:

    Anthony is right.

    I’m a seasoned (20 year, daily) herb smoker and recently have been supplementing with BHO. Because I’m in my late 30s and drink moderately, I think my body isn’t as resilient as it once was. After I dab, I notice immediate heart palpitations. Mind you this isn’t anxiety, because I feel calm, but rather an involuntary cardiac reaction. After I began using BHO regularly, I noticed residual heart effects, like elevated BP, even when not smoking or dabbing. I’ve since tapered my use and only dab infrequently and have noticed an improvement. It’s only mildly disappointing, because it tastes and feels so good. At least I can still smoke joints and feel just fine.

    However, the point is, yes, everybody IS different and should use good judgement. Individuals should find out what works for them.

    A lot of these comments make sense; some of them are obviously from ignorant, wise-cracking internet trolls, hiding behind the anonymity of the internet, whose brains and social skills never developed beyond a junior high school level. They certainly don’t know how anyone else’s physiology and psychopharmacology will interplay.

    Psychoactive drugs, entheogens, or whatever you may call them, are gifts from nature and can lead to deeper understanding. They should be used with respect and not just consumed like a bag of Doritos.

  59. tiffany says:

    I found this article by searching why my brother lost consciousness after dabbing. He showed signs of an aura, most commonly seen before someone has a seizure. He drooled and eyes rolled back and made stiff seizing movements. He awoke after bring shaken and yelled at for about 1 minute. Please be aware of the dangers
    He passed out because he held his breath, losing oxygen to his brain.

  60. 3rd Degree LUNG burns says:

    I took a hit of “thc wax” out of a regular pipe. It burned my lungs so badly that I almost died. i choked and coughed and could not get any air. I started to pass out from asphyxiation. The veins in my hands turned dark blue. I tried to drink some water, but the burning and dryness in my throat and lungs could not be quenched. I panicked and had a seizure. All this from one hit. I am so disappointed in the marijuana culture and the media for touting the benefits of thc without any warnings. I am no lightweight either. People should know. BHO or THC Wax can be deadly. Its not worth it.

  61. 3rd Degree LUNG burns says:

    I got 3rd degree lung burns and I had a seizure from smoking 1 hit of BHO. IT IS DEADLY

  62. Gary Prout says:

    The THC is extracted with butane which leaves residue. Pharmaceutical butane is rarely used. In places with less sun to produce stronger THC “dabbing” can increase potency. All the more reason to allow organic growing of plants where they are optimally genetically suited. Pineapples do not do well in Oregon:) The weed that revolutionized the world was simply sativa grown in Mexico. The political goal is less THC and more CBD- keep them asleep…Special interest groups with political immunity control the MMJ business now and the future recreational business. For example in Arcata and 8th is about $40. Easier for a kid to buy a gram of meth(more bang for the buck) because the special interest groups simply do not care- there is collusion. Where are the real hippies with the real peace and love activities that benefit mankind. An eighth should be about $10. Shame on all the capitalists obstructing assess(by high prices) and let’s see some real hippies allowed to direct the direction of this burgeoning new tide toward legality with some real scientists at the helm, not lobbyists. This plant could revolutionize the world in so many ways- especially as a good alternative to alcohol and pharmaceutical medicines with horrendous side effects like the serotonin uptake inhibitors. At the root of the misdirection of marijuana is organized crime at a very high level. Prices could be right, the product could be grown outdoors organically, and extraction methods for edibles and hashish could be healthier. If you are only about money and greed and do not care about utilizing a gift from the universe in a righteous way- you have no place in God’s plan as a true servant for the evolution of mankind.

  63. Anthony says:

    Im have been smoking the last 7 years 3 of those i was dabbing instead of smoking herb and cigarettes had a bad effect on my lungs but never a problem from either herb or dabs…. Now let me clarify my tolerance… I take an average of 30 dabs a day and beleive me none are small…all of them average to completely full bong rips….. I have had 40 and 50 in a day before and that is far from an exageration and i feel and look just fine…To say one substance will have the same effect on all people is an absolute load of shit… Not all people react to a chemical the same… Why??? BECAUSE WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT…. Some people smoke cigarettes like a chiminey and drink like a fish their whole life and dont die til 95…. So listen or dont it doesnt make a difference because you never no how dabs will effect u… But by the way this shit can knock rookies out no problem… A dab that litterally wouldnt phase me can put a grown man on his knees puking for hours even a full day so be careful and no your limit or youll be one of those too

  64. teresa says:

    Anthony. ..can I hang with you! =)


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